Mon. Mar 25th, 2019

Budget Silicone TORRAS Love Series

Who doesn’t look for functionality, durability, and reliability in all the items we want to purchase. This also applies to the smartphones we want to buy and their cases too.
TORRAS stands their ground in everything, ensuring the user to provide the most premium and budget-friendly experience ever. These phone cases by TORRAS are tailored to perfection with the best quality silicone. A case that will complement your phone in the most unique way and will be able to flaunt all the features of your iPhone XS properly.
These phone cases are practical and are made for day to day use.
If you are an iPhone fan and you own an iPhone you will never want to buy any other phone, that fact is guaranteed. Apple has made its mark over the years and once to get used to of it you never want to switch to any other phone.
Budget Silicone TORRAS Love Series is for those individuals, who want their phones slim and stylish. It is made for your everyday use, it is stylish, made with excellent quality and it is budget friendly. It protects your phone from the hazardous environment.


It is crafted the same way as the Apple silicone cases, but the main feature is that it is very budget friendly and made particularly with an idea to fit your budget easily. It provides you with the best quality case along with a more budget-friendly price.
A Vast Range of Colors
It has a vast range of colors to choose from, all very quirky and elegant. All the colors are picked precisely to match your personality add a style statement to it. The available in six different colors which are black, light blue, midnight blue, red, yellow and mint. These are all the very pretty and gorgeous colors.


It is highly functional and reliable, made to last long. It is a very practical design with a slip to make a distance of the screen and the table when the screen is facing towards the table top just so that it wouldn’t harm the screen and keeps it scratch-free. It is lined with microfibre which is another measure to keep your phone away from danger and harm.

Abrasion Free

It has an Inner microfiber cushion that hugs very precisely every corner to prevent it from any damage and the raised edge prevents any possible scratches on your phone. the iPhone XS case made of liquid silicone rubber material, and feels super silky smooth to hand which will most likely attract everybody. It is a great balance between style and functionality. This iPhone Xs soft case is designed specifically for iPhone. A cover is provided around the camera lens ensuring no scratch to lenses when laying down the phone with the help of the concave hole provided.

Damage on Pocket

It is available at Amazon for $18. It is a very budget-friendly and high-quality design, which is very sleek and slim also. This design is particularly made to provide you the best quality case at a very reasonable price.