Mon. Mar 25th, 2019


2018 was just another year of e-commerce and tech dominance. People nowadays are more inclined to ‘buy & sell’ off the internet. Tech giants like Amazon and eBay are capitalizing on the consumer supply-demand and quite simply extending their market base nearly every passing year.

To cater the consumer base efficiently and make the service hassle-free these channels strictly monitor the progress of individual/trade accounts and may deny them access. In order to safeguard various divested interests, Amazon may appropriately use the following counter-actions with seller accounts;

  • Suspend; this scenario is temporary, the user interface/trader reserves a chance to appeal via the Amazon Account Suspension appeal.
  • Denied; if the Amazon account suspension appeal is denied then the concerned party may reserve to submit a revised plan for action
  • Banned; the worst-case scenario, the concerned Amazon account suspension appeal, the case has failed on more than one occasion and now Amazon will detain total account activity for future.

Another point of action that Amazon will emphasize in their policy here is to ensure that the particular; trading account/ seller will not be granted access to register with another user interface name or itinerary.

Many trading individuals often get unpleasant or irritated with Amazon – relating to their Amazon account suspension appeal’s handling and even amazons conduct. This is due to the sole reason of not be able to contact them via telephone like in other organizations to resolve a particular/issue. The only contact point is via email and the Amazon account suspension appeal becomes time-consuming and costly.

Amazon categorizes account suspension in three main concerns;

  • If Amazon monitors a performance dive in any account, Amazon operates a marketplace which is competitive and good customer services must be valued.
  • If Amazon notices the transaction of restricted products. Certain items are prohibited, and Amazon maintains a tight-ship in making sure of avoiding any such conflict.
  • If Amazon experiences violations in their company policy or terms & conditions. This type of conduct is unacceptable as amazon abide its trading interests for following rules and regulations.

Any trading account if suspended can be restored through the Amazon account suspension appeal system. There are certain guidelines that a specific seller account/trading account need to strictly observe if they intend to get back online and action amazon service portal. Many traders account however commit mistakes and errors which may lead to the permanent omission from the Amazon channel. The following categorizes some specific yet common errors these trading accounts tend to make;

  • Opening a new account with a different ID/Name, after a suspension will further hamper the Amazon account suspension appeal process, which may lead to further delays reinstatement
  • Amazon seller performance is a systematic process, thousands of trade accounts being monitored daily. Rushing through the Amazon account suspension appeal may backfire, and it is favoring for the trading commodity to systematically follow through the Amazon account suspension appeal process.
  • Fabricating Invoices; Amazon seller performance conveniently distinguishes between a real and a fake invoice. Modification or fabrication of invoices gets identified instantaneously and permanently damages Amazon account suspension appeal