Mon. Mar 25th, 2019

Lightweight armor UAG Monarch

Getting a new phone is always exciting. The moment you get your new phone in your hands, the foremost instinct of yours is to protect it and to guard it against every possible damage and scratch. If you are an iPhone XS user, preventing it might have been your number one priority on your list, these phones cost a lot more than the usual ones and I am sure you don’t want to spend any more money to repair it or buy a new one.
Who doesn’t want to flaunt their phones and showcase all the amazing features your phone has? We all so, and certainly, we all don’t want to cover it with a low-quality case and ruin the gorgeous features of it.
UAG Monarch presents us with the best quality lightweight and stylish cases that are tailored to perfection. They are tough enough to protect the phone from any damage. And along with lightweight, they are no less in style and charm. Your phone has to look good along with the need for full proof protection. UAG will provide you with the best quality case you can choose for your iPhone XS.
If you have ever owned an iPhone will never want to buy something other than that. UAG is for all those individuals, who want their phones slim and stylish yet protected.

Super Tough

It is a super lightweight cover and very tough. It is designed for everyday busy lifestyle so you don’t have to carry a heavy phone around yet highly secured. In an active routine, you might not be able to take care of your phone the best way possible, therefore a case like this tailored to provide you high protection and complete functionality to lessen your worries and make you tension free.

Drop tested

It is military drop tested and is highly secure. It is made of leather, plastic, and metal. Its edges have this honeycomb texture to protect the edges fully and the volume buttons are also covered but still satisfyingly clicky. It is made to prevent your phone any damage caused from dropping and its also prone to scratches.

Durable and Stylish

Also, you can always choose from the vast range of colors which are picked for you very precisely to suit your sense of style and personality. This case is particularly designed for iPhone XS to enhance its features and also add some more elegance and style to it. This very functional and durable case is highly recommended and certainly up to the mark.
This phone tested to prevent your phone from dropping and prevents it from any possible harm or damage produced by anything from the surroundings.

Price Point

It is available at Amazon for $60, and for such amazingly made, lightweight and tough case, $60 is not a lot. It is a very reliable phone case which is made to last long. This case will certainly give you the full value of money and will never disappoint you.