Mon. Mar 25th, 2019

Spigen Fit Series Cases for iPhone XR

If you happen to use an iPhone XR or any model of an iPhone, you would know the kind of caution and careful handling is needed to keep the phone functioning well. Of course, the first step in that regard is to have a good quality protective case that will effectively shield your phone from the inevitable accidental drops that will occur in due course of time. There are lots of manufacturers who produce different types of cases for all models of the iPhone. Spigen is one such manufacturer of cases for the iPhone whose products can be a good fit if you are using an iPhone XR. We take a look at the Fit Series iPhone XR cases from Spigen to find out what makes them a good choice for your device.
Given the glass rear of an iPhone XR that comes in a number of different colors and shades (red, white, black, blue, coral, and yellow), most people are likely to prefer a case with a transparent back side so that the stylish glass rear of the phone can be seen and displayed in all its glory. The Spigen cases can be a good bet in this regard. Let’s take a look at what makes them effective.

What Does the Fit Series Bring to the Table?
There are generally two varieties of cases offered by the Spigen Fit Series. These include the Thin Fit and Liquid Air cases for the iPhone XR. Both are slim and sleek and fit snugly around the phone without being too tight. The idea is to have a slim and stylish cover that protects the phone well while still retaining the look of the iPhone XR.

Thin Fit
The Thin Fit case from the Spigen Fit Series provides a nice balance of sleekness and protection. It has a polycarbonate design that helps keep the phone safe during accidental drops and any possible daily scratches. In addition, the enclosure remains thin and minimal while retaining the ability to offer enough protection from unwanted scratches and scruffs.

Why Buy the Thin Fit Case?
The Thin Fit case has a number of advantages.

Protective Polycarbonate Material
The Thin Fit is a hard case made out of polycarbonate. However, it is lightweight and durable while the non-toxic qualities of the material make the Thin Fit case a reliable protector of your iPhone XR.

Non-Slip Matte Surface Coating
The non-slip surface has a soft feel which enables a better grip on the phone. Furthermore, there is a urethane coating that prevents color fading in the long run.

Easy Access to All Ports and Phone Features
The Thin Fit case has comfortable slits and openings for all the side buttons, ports, and other features of your iPhone XR. This helps optimize functionality with ease.

The only real negative of the Thin Fit case by Spigen is the lack of a transparent rear and if you are interested in being able to show off the colorful backing of your iPhone XR, then you probably wouldn’t want to buy this case.

Liquid Air
Like the Thin Fit case, the Liquid Air offers good all-round protection and has an eye-catching geometric pattern on the back that allows for a better grip on a usually slippery phone. In addition, it comes with an Air Cushion Technology that protects the phone during all sorts of accidental drops.

At around $16 and $17 for the Thin Fit and Liquid Air cases respectively, you’ve got an economical piece that will protect your iPhone XR nicely.